Comic 13 - I R MOVED: Mini Update
16th Sep 2012, 1:16 AM
I R MOVED: Mini Update
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
DonSerrot edit delete
Just out of the blue I had the itch to draw, and looking at when the last time I updated... well that was actually pretty interesting. Last update was almost a year ago give or take a day. The biggest surprise though was when I looked at the view statistics.
That's like... 25 people checking this comic almost 50-200 times a day. That actually makes me want to get back into this all the more!

Anywho, about this picture. It's mostly just a doodle I made on my new(ish, have had it a few months now) Nexus 7 to try out a drawing app. I really like how it worked out although I am a bit rusty at the arting stuff. I've also been thinking about looking into a stylus specifically designed for touch screen computers. I'm not on the old laptop anymore, not I have a desktop that has... A TOUCHSCREEN! If I can get to where I can work on both that'll really boost the productivity and hopefully quality too. I'm thinking simple sketches on the tablet at work, then more detailed versions on the computer later. I don't want to make any promises, but I did want to at least tell you guys what I'm thinking here.
User comments:
Nine (Guest) edit delete reply
Yah! A post!
My scanner decided to be mean so I'll send my guest comic in when it stops being evil!
Nine (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey Don, I know I said I'd have that guest comic for you a couple weeks ago,
but life and other things keep getting in the way!
I just wanted to tell you why it's taking a rather long time.
So there's that and I hope you update soon, I check often.
Can't wait to see what you come up with!
(OMG that comment was so long-by my standards)
Nine (Guest) edit delete reply
Nine here again Don.
I just wanted to check that you got the guest comic I sent in almost a month ago.
I'm not even sure if you're reading my comments because you never reply.
I kept forgetting to check in more often so here I am.
You did get the comic right?
Nine (Guest) edit delete reply
Don? Can you please reply to at least one of my comments?
I'm not even sure my guest comic got through to you and I don't know since you never reply!
It's been at least two months and I've been patient but I'm starting to get frustrated cuz you update your Twitter like every hour!
I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I'm trying to be supportive of you and I'm feeling like this is some one sided conversation.