Comic 10 - Donhorn Goes To Camp
27th Jul 2011, 9:00 AM
Donhorn Goes To Camp
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Author Notes:
DonSerrot edit delete
Whew! That was a really fun week! Like I said before last week I went with the youth group I help out with to camp. I had been a camp counselor in the past, but more of a traditional type that stayed the whole summer and wasn't there as part of a group so this was something different for me. We had a great time, my Bro-in-law (who was also there) and I got to play some paintball and utterly crushed the other team who thought they were all that cause they play CoD all the time! LOL! I also finally got to blob! If you have seen the movie Heavyweights then you know all about the Blob, if not let me explain. A Blob is basically a huge bag of air on the water, one person sits on one end while another jumps onto it and POW the other person goes flying into the air before crashing into the water. It's loads of fun! And I finally got to do something I haven't done in eons, just stop for a little bit and take in the beauty of the stars up in the sky. It was a great time, and I'm looking forward to next year.

I wanted to focus on Donhorn for this weeks comic. Also I tried to give him a little more of a chibi look, something a little different for a quickly made comic. I kinda like the logo thingy I made, don't be surprised if we see it again for Donhorn stuff. ;D
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Coffinshaker (Guest) edit delete reply
sigh... as much as I love nature... those squeeters just love me more! I can barely walk into a park without getting instantly targeted and sucked dry of all my blood! XO