Comic 11 - Freezer Burn
3rd Aug 2011, 9:00 AM
Freezer Burn
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
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This is one more strip inspired by an even at camp. The first rule of showers is if you leave your soap in the shower it's fair game for everyone. Well, someone left some awesome stuff for us, I'm not gonna drop the name of it (unless the company wants to pay me lolz!) but it advertised some great cooling abilities. Just for an idea of location, I was in the middle of West TX going on month 9 of no rain. It was HOT outside, but I was able to walk around outside for a few hours with every inch of my body feeling like it was in a deep freeze. That's some pretty potent stuff! Then you have to think about the poor Druids, all feathers and fur and stuff... they have to be roasting in the Firelands! I wonder if this is their secret...

This is the last of the camp inspired comics, next week we'll get back into the game 100%. So till next time, stay frosty!
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Just wanted to say real quick that I'm not putting up a comic this week. A few things got changed around at work limiting the time I have to work on the comic. So this week I'm not going to put up anything and instead work on getting myself ahead so instead of trying to get a comic made and up quick I can focus more on putting a little bit more detail into things along with reworking my old comic drawing schedule. I should be back next week with a comic featuring an adventure a guildy of mine shared with me.