Comic 2 - SQWAAHH
1st Jun 2011, 12:00 AM
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
DonSerrot edit delete
Two comics this week? It's the starting up surprise! :D
Actually, I kinda want to do a Wednesday rotation, but I forgot about that when I put up the first comic! Also NON LAZY SCREENSHOT BACKGROUND TODAY! YAY! XD

A little background, when I joined my current guild I had about 0.5 raiding experience, I did an MC run as Boomkin in Cat gear, and I had done a couple Ony runs. I was also an a pretty bad laptop at the time. Let's just say I wasn't fleet on my feet. On the bright side the floor didn't go anywhere on my watch! I'm convinced my guild only took me into ICC as comic relief, but that's okay cause I see it as my job! The comic thing, not the floor thing! Although, it seems that a few of the people I used to do ICC with still think of Donhorn as the big fluffy floor tank, that makes him a saaaaaaad Boomkin. ;~;

Anywho, I hope you come back next Wednesday! And happy 1st of June!
User comments:
Draco Blair (Guest) edit delete reply
Sqwaah xD
I like where this is going
Timer of Zeroes edit delete reply
Timer of Zeroes
it pays to watch floor: its where the fire lurks!
DonSerrot edit delete reply
Exactly! Gotta make sure that fire doesn't sneak up on anyone!
Coffinshaker (Guest) edit delete reply
hmm, looks like I need to roll a druid just so I can use that as a macro!
DonSerrot edit delete reply
It's even better to" Sqwaahh!" In Vent right before a pull. I'm sure when I was in ICC the LK was like "What the factor?" Every time I did that. XD
AFR (Guest) edit delete reply
Poor moonkin, it's so hard to see what's happening under their fluffy bodies and shuffle out of the way on their stumpy little feet.
DonSerrot edit delete reply
The price of beauty I'm afraid.