Comic 3 - Ewww Derp Wolf
8th Jun 2011, 12:00 AM
Ewww Derp Wolf
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
DonSerrot edit delete
I'm sure you have thought the exact same thing. "Why do I have to use your Argent mounts when my mounts are waaaaaaaaay cooler? Man, I wish I could just use my awesome mount."

Recently I got DonaBlastcap to the Argent Tournament. It was my favorite hang out place for Donhorn during Wrath, and it has that little bit of nostalgia for me still today. So you can imagine my excitement as Dona grew closer and closer. Finally the time came, and she quickly flew over on her Winged Guardian, only to be told she had to use the crappy Argent mounts.

I know I kinda fudged a bit on how things actually happen. Mariel Trueheart doesn't give you your training, she just tells you to go to your faction tent. And you don't start with the wolf, you start with the Chocobo. But I like Mariel Trueheart and Derp Wolf better so they get to be in the comic! XP

Also, just want to say thanks to my fellow comicist (is that a word? If not it is now!) Coffinshaker for the shout out on WoW Insider's Sunday Morning Funnies. If you don't read his comics already you need to! I have also been working on a links section with a bunch of my favorite webcomics listed. Be sure to check it out!
User comments:
Coffinshaker (Guest) edit delete reply
>D np!

and I believe the proper term is Comicologist. XD hmm... is there a proper term for this?

Anyways! I always hated those derpy argent mounts! and that stupid lance that I couldn't even enchant! why oh why can't I have a flaming horde lance!??!?!?!
DonSerrot edit delete reply
Comicologist, hmm... I like it!

Ah yes! And that Lance! How about all the times zoning into a dungeon with that still on? Or trying to do your other dailies with it still on?
Fala (Guest) edit delete reply
HAHAHAH!!! Okay, this comic had me laughing... I don't know *how* many times I cursed those rotten, near-useless mounts in the Tournament area and wished I could use something with some actual oomph. Nice to see I wasn't the only one :)
DonSerrot edit delete reply
You know what I also found odd? How come I can champion for one race while riding the mount for another? "Yay! I champion Thunder Bluff while riding a raptor!" It just doesn't seem right lol! Even more to make me want to use my own mount!