Comic 4 - Ahoooy!~
15th Jun 2011, 12:00 AM
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
DonSerrot edit delete

I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to do for this week. I have a few more characters I could introduce, but I don't want these first few weeks to be saturated with intros to characters that may or may not appear often. Then I realized that Dona was about 7% away from 80! A big milestone! She is now happily questing through Hyjal and finally has some new gear now that she's outgrown her heirlooms. This is also a big milestone for me, two characters in current content is just unheard of! It's taken me about 6 months each for Donhorn and Dona to get to 80, with Donhorn getting to 85 in about a week after Cata came out. So hopefully it shouldn't take too long for Dona to get to max!

Now for some more exciting news! I'm going to be visiting an old friend in Western NY (dairy country, not anywhere near the city) for his HS graduation! He's always been like a little brother to me so it's exciting that I'm actually going to be able to visit for this. Unfortunately I'll be gone for a week, and there is no guarantee that I'll have a comic to post next Wed. I'll try to get something together even if it's just a doodle, I will be taking my laptop with me, and I can still reply to comments from my phone. But if I can't get something up then I'm sorry in advance! >_<

EDIT: Actually, thinking about it, next week's comic won't be too hard, I'm leaving on Wed so as long as I get it done between everything else we'll be golden. The real problem will be the week after, since I'll be off on adventures all week. But I'll try and think of something! ^^,
User comments:
Coffinshaker (Guest) edit delete reply
OMG!! I just realized you're DonHorn!!! hahahahaha! XD

yeah... I'm slow...

grats on your 85! I'm uh... still working on it...

yeah... I'm slow... lol!
DonSerrot edit delete reply
lol yeah, when I rolled my Druid I was like "Hmm... what do I want to roll, Oh! Druids look cool. Who is the coolest druid I know... OXHORN! So I'll be Donhorn! :D"
yeah... I'm lame XD.
you must be slower than me at leveling! Of course I am kinda racing myself. I checked Dona's /played yesterday and she is just over 8 days. I wonder if they exclude the eons of AFK time or something XD.
Well hey! Maybe someday after we both get to 85 I'll heal you in a random group or something!