Comic 6 - Filler #1
2nd Jul 2011, 3:19 PM
Filler #1
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
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This filler update is for a few reasons. The first reason being that I wanted to share my ding 85 with you all! I'll talk about it a little with Wed's comic, but I couldn't wait to share this with everyone! I also wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be playing around with update times. No real reason other than I want to see what kind of impact a later update time has on comic views. (I know, horrible view whore I am huh?) So on Wed the comic should be going up around 9am central time.

And finally, I want to just share(vent) a bit about my vacation last week. Overall it was a fun time, went to Niagara Falls and got a hit on my 3DS StreetPass, went for a ride on the Erie Canal, rode the Viper at Darien Lake 6 times in a row without having to get back in line, and got a coon skin hat at Old Fort Niagara. It was a good time. However, the travel to and from NY left much to be desired.

Let me paint a picture for you here, 6 people, my parents, my sis and bro-in-law, and my sis's friend. We get up at dark:30 (2:30am) and go to the airport, weather delays, snafus with the airport people, my father get's separated from the rest of the party by the system, he get's to Buffalo without us. The rest of us had to go back at dark:30 again the next day, now my sis, bro-in-law, and sis's friend get to go, mom and I have to wait till 10 to get on a plane. In the end we all made it and were able to rework the schedule for the lost time. One week later we go to leave, this time later in the day, and out first flight gets delayed hardcore. We ended up only being able to fly to NJ. Why NJ? I dunno, seems odd that you'd fly east to get west to TX, but I digress. We spend the night in NJ and the next day fly back home. We ended up getting into TX at 11:30am, about a half hour before I'd have been scheduled to work. Thankfully I had already talked with my manager about the situation and she found someone to fill in for me so the bad situation wasn't made worse, in fact it was made better cause I got to go home and sleep! XD Next time I go to NY I'm walking... or something like that...

Anywho, that's the trip in a nutshell. I'll talk to you all again on Wed, now it's time to hit up some Hyjal dailies!