6th Jul 2011, 9:00 AM
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.:Dungeons and Drinks:.
Author Notes:
DonSerrot edit delete
This past Thursday I ended up at work 5 hours early, someone had changed me to a later shift without telling me. With what had been going on the previous few days I decided to just hang at work and do what I'd have done at home anyway, play WoW. In 4 1/2 of those 5 hours I grinded out the last little bit to get Dona to 85! Donhorn better watch his back! He's only ahead by gear now!

Anywho, on to this comic. Anyone else feel like they were talking to Elmira from Tiny Toons while talking with Mylune? Maybe it was just me...
User comments:
Draco Blair (Guest) edit delete reply
EXACTLY! She kinda creeps me out :D
Ummmm (Guest) edit delete reply
So for 4 1/2 hours at work a place that pays you for a service you played wow........ Great Employee
vinnie the cleaner (Guest) edit delete reply
Actually it predates Tiny Toons. Bugs and/or Daffy would run afoul of a big dimwitted creature that would 'adopt' them as a pet. He would say something along the lines of "I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and name him 'George' "
DonSerrot edit delete reply
@Ummmmmm: I was at work early, off the clock. I'm not gonna clock in when I"m not supposed to. XD
Also we are allowed to do whatever we want when things are slow as long as we drop it at a moment's notice to take care of customers.

@Vinnie: Oh! I remember him! The big red guy! Hey! And Elmira had red hair too! I see a connection... >_>